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The great and magical Emilie Autumn show  @ Trix!

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On the 12th of September you can see CM in the photopit at EMILIE AUTUMS concert in Trix Antwerp! \m/

Powerwolf @ Master@Rock 2013 this weekend!

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Check out the Masters#Rock festival! With many amazing bands: Diablo Blvd., Guano Apes, Venom, Kreator, Powerwolf and many more!

It seems the new Amberian Dawn singer, Capri, can’t make me forget Heidi Parviainen. The new Doro-like voice doesn’t suite the songs that need the smooth sound of a damsel that knows how to bring opera to life. Songs like Valkyries and Kokko - Eagle Of Fire lose most of their dramatic punch.

Sometimes a change of singer brings forth another part of a band, but most bands don’t bring out an album with a new singer singing old songs. They move on and bring something that lies in the vocal range of the new singer. Take a look at the changes Nightwish and Xandria made.

Capri seems like a capable vocalist, but sadly she takes of with a bad tune. My advice to AD is first bring out a new album, with new songs, so the fans can get used to the new sound and then bring one out with old songs.

In my opinion 6 out of 10 for Capri’s effort and not for the new album.

Powerwolf - Amen & Attack

Prove of the massiveness of their songs!

Released by Napalm Records

Powerwolf is back and how!!! With their powerful, divine music they unleash a massive wave of insane riffs and lyrics towards us. If we would have been living in the dark ages they would have been burned on the stake as heretics, but now they found a way of bringing god to the people once again.

Preachers of the Night kickstarts with Amen & Attack, also the cd’s first music video, and never lets you go. It’s like a never-ending chase by a pack of wolves, they will catch up with you no matter how hard you run. I would rather become one of them and enjoy the chase, dancing in the moonlight, than always live in fear with no place to hide.

The movie-industry should better embrace this kind of music. I can think of dozens of movies that should have at least considered this kind of power metal as their soundtrack. Just to name a few… Van Helsing, Underworld and not in the least Nochnoi Dozor (Night Watch). The theme of demons and wolflike priests could easily be transformed into an Hollywood-movie (The little fantasy-loving child in me can already imagine).

Preachers of the Night is one long climax, with Amen & Attack, Kreuzfeuer, Nochnoi Dozor and Extatum Et Oratum as superclimaxes. Call it those songs that give you an eargasm! This album has the perfect band, setting, music, theme,… I can hear you think: “He is going to give a 10 again!”. Well… I could do that, but 11 sounds more suitable.



Let’s get to the bottom of this shall we: “Which superhero would be the defender of heavy metal?” Would we have the patriot colors (of America) defend our music or would we rather have the god of thunder? A green angry man might also make the cut and a Russian female superspy wouldn’t be a bad choice either. But, let’s be honest, who could defend us better than a man in a metal suit?

You might know him as the Invincible Iron Man or Tony Stark, embodied by the beautiful and ravishing Robert Downey Jr. (Did I already state that the target of this column is mostly females?). The heavy metal public consists largely of men (even though they would like to see that otherwise) and that is why we chose for a male hero- with of course in the background a strong redheaded woman giving him guidance. However let us be serious and find out why I believe Iron Man IS the Avenger of Metal.

First of all: his suit is made of metal: more precisely iron (why else would he be called Iron Man?). Secondly, the soundtrack of Iron Man 2 was composed by AC/DC (I wish they composed the soundtrack of my life). It even predicts part of the Iron Man 3 movie (TNT, watch him – read: his suits - explode). And as a good argumentation consists in three parts: here is number three. In the Avengers we see him walking around in a T-Shirt of Black Sabbath (no coincidence as you will find out later). He clearly is a metal fan!

Now let me explain why it would not be wise to choose Thor, the mighty Hulk, Captain America, Hawk Eye or the seductive Black Widow. We didn’t quite see Captain America as the defender of metal; to be honest he’s more of a fifties type of guy (and a little bit gay; hasn’t anyone told him that spandex is not the best fashion choice?) We are also a huge fan of  how Bruce Banner loses control and turn into a enormous green rage monster, however we are also found of Harlem and other cities, so we rather not have him break them or us in a mosh pit. Thor would be worshipped by the Viking metal fans, but let’s face it: he’s kinda out of this world. With a good eyesight and aim Hawk Eye isn’t that special and we can’t let him through until the next round to play in Vegas. We don’t want him to tag along (as Marvel did) just because we like the color of his eyes. Black Widow is lovely to look at, and she’s Russian, but with girls as Doro, Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy) or Tarja Turunen we have all the lovely ladies we need in metal.

Iron Maiden (founded in 1975) was even inspired by the Invincible Iron Man comics (started in 1963). They loved the comic and wanted to name their band after this marvelous superhero. Only if they took the name Iron Man as band name it would result in plagiarism and a bunch of lawsuits. So they decided to give it a feminine touch and that’s how the name Iron Maiden came to be. And if you are not gullible enough to believe that I will make you believe another outrageous lie.  — Iron Maiden was named after the medieval torture device ‘Iron maiden’. Steve Harris saw it when he was watching the Man in the Iron Mask.

A last concluding, spectacular and decisive paragraph. Iron Man is the best superhero avenger and defender of metal because he is the most human of all. He only has his metal suit but for the rest it’s all up to him. It is the man inside the suit that makes Iron Man. He’s not afraid to step into the spotlights but also experiences human emotions like pain, fear and love. At the end of Iron Man 3 he removes that which makes him a superhero. However, it won’t stop him. He will always be a superhero and defend what is precious to him. So the award of Avenger of Metal goes to Mr. Tony Stark also known as Iron Man!

Now why isn’t it a coincidence that we see Tony Stark walking around in a Black Sabbath T-shirt? Tony Iommi, the guitarist of Black Sabbath, has written his own biography titled: “Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath”. Iron man is a also a song on the album of Paranoid. It is not related to the Marvel superhero character Iron Man, it tells the story of a man who time travels into the future and sees the apocalypse. Nevertheless, Marvel probably thought it was funny to put our marvel fans on the wrong track.




This piece of Iron Man art is written by our lovely Liesbeth!

Antwerp Metal Fest is a little festival in the heart of Merksem (which is part of Antwerp-Belgium). It is located in the Bouckenborgh Parc, a nice quiet, green environment where the basses of drums and guitars roll smoothly into the ears of our reporter. We are sad to say that we have missed the first day of the festival. But those who went Friday could warm up with some great bands as In-Quest, Belgian Asociality and Death Before Dishonor. They lead up to Diablo Blvd- lead by the (in)famous stand-up comedian Alex Agnew.  So we cannot give our opinions for Friday but it was already a hell of a line-up.

 Thanks to the organization of the Antwerp Metalfest we could enjoy a day full of metal. Saturday was a day full of grunting, even more grunting and ah yes also a bit of screaming. A perfect day for those who  like the rough side of metal. But even for those who are not as much attracted to this sort of metal there were quite some bands to look out to.  In the midst of all this grunting and screaming, Civilian was a pleasant surprise. They carried out the banner of heavy metal very well. Bliksem made sure that the public turned their heads. You could say they were a female version of Diablo Blvd – granted to the accent of the  lead singer. The first climax was reached and the second day of the festival burst loose in all glory.  We were as well surprised by the female-fronted band All For Nothing from the Netherlands. The second climax came with the band Saille. The gentlemen of this band, with leadsinger Dennie at the front may be happy to gain a lot of new fans. All thanks to their attractive and interesting doommetal. They made sure the festival was all warmed up for the headliner of Saturday; Napalm Death! Mark “Barney” Greenway treated us once again to a perfect concert. His voice is still wonderful. They know how to play the public and how to play their music. 

By the end of the day the site was filled with sunbathing, headbanging and moshing metalheads. AND, they were prepared for the sun seeing how many sunburned red lobsters were walking around, or rather the lack of them. Too bad there was no camping to stay after the headliners, because the public transport doesn’t serve at midnight. 

In short we thought this festival was a success! It was a nice combination of metal, nature, a good location and the city itself. We were also happy to see that a lot of new/Belgian/Dutch talent got a chance to perform for an excited crowd. See you all next year at Antwerp Metal Fest!